Adobe Photoshop | Windows Vista/7 | Nero - Burning ROM | mIRC | Zuma Deluxe | Visual Basic | Windows 98 | Excel 97 | Access 97

Adobe Photoshop

Windows Vista/7

  1. Open up the Start menu
  2. Hold down CTRL+SHIFT and right-click on a blank area in the Start menu...

Nero - Burning ROM v6.6.x (I don't know if it works for 7.x or 8.x)

  1. Go to About dialog and double-click anywhere in it.
  2. Double-click again to change the scrolling effect.
  3. Press CTRL+SHIFT to speed up.


Zuma Deluxe

  • Click on the frog and its eyes will follow the mouse pointer (see picture #1). If you click it again, it will return its eyes looking towards you.
  • Do 3 cycles over the buttons in this order: Adventure, Gauntlet, Options, More Games, Quit. A UFO will appear and the frog will be looking at it until the former leaves (see picture #2).
#1 #2

Visual Basic

  1. Click the View menu, point to Toolbars, and click Customize
  2. Go to the Commands tab
  3. Click the Help category, and drag the About Microsoft Visual Basic item into a menu
  4. Click the Modify Selection button and set the name for the newly inserted menu item to Show VB Credits
  5. Click the Close button
  6. Now click on Show VB Credits

Windows 98

Excel 97

  1. On a new Worksheet, press F5
  2. Type X97:L97 and hit enter
  3. Press the Tab key
  4. Hold down CTRL+SHIFT and click on the Chart Wizard toolbar button
You will find yourself in an eerrie purple landscape.
Use the mouse to fly around - Left button forward / Right button reverse.
There shoud be a hidden shrine in the middle with the programmers' message.

Here's more:
  1. Face the hidden shrine (credits screen).
  2. Move forward towards the Hill using the left click for foreward thrust.
  3. At the edge of the Hill stop the thrust using right click.
  4. Point the view down by moving the mouse upwards.
  5. You should then see at the bottom of the cliff a water motion.
  6. There's the Blue Lagoon!

Access 97